Tilehouse Street Pre-School and Nursery are based within Tilehouse Street Baptist Church halls and can accommodate up to 25 children per session. A large hall is available most days for the use of large physical play equipment. An outdoor area next to the main room allows children to dig, plant and watch things grow and have space to extend their play.  The children are also able to access their own toilets.

We have two main rooms, the Caterpillar Room and the Butterfly Room. Both rooms have separate areas for:

Mark Making – to encourage and support early writing skills

Malleable Area – Playdough, clay and other tactile materials

Book Corner – to support early reading and the love of stories

Water & Sand – From our large outdoor sandpit to our smaller tuff trays with kinetic and squishy sand as well as water trays inside and out.

Role Play – to expand their imagination using props and costumes.

Small World Play – To play out their own stories using small world figures and buildings, etc. garage and dolls house

Craft – Using Easels, paint, crayons, various other mediums to stick, cut and draw their very own masterpieces.

As a long-standing pre-school and nursery our resources are vast and plentiful and the children have the opportunity to engage with toys both large and small that they may not have at home. Our resources help support all areas of learning.

Our Caterpillar Room

For children aged 2 – 3 years (this can and will differ year to year)

A large room allowing the children the freedom to engage in all the activities and resources available. Staff are there to support the children’s learning through child initiated play and with a high adult to child ratio we are able to nurture and support their development fully.

Our Butterfly Room

For children aged 3-4 years, who will be moving onto Reception (this can and will differ from year to year)

A room specifically designed to support the important transition from Pre-School to School.  Offering both adult led and child initiated learning the children are introduced to a more structured environment bridging the gap to school in an environment they know with familiar adults.  An interactive white board allows them to engage with the technology they will find in Reception and is used to support their learning and development further.

All-Weather Outdoor Area

With resources which include:

  • Kitchen
  • water area
  • large sand play
  • Fine motor play
  • Stories
  • Growing & Nature spotting
  • weighing and measuring equipment for science exploration
  • umbrellas!

This is an area that both the children from the Caterpillar and Butterfly Rooms can explore the natural world.

Large Hall

An area to run, ride, climb, jump and express themselves.  The hall offers and all weather alternative to our outside area and includes resources such as:

  • trikes, bikes, scooters and ‘helicopters’
  • slides and climbing equipment
  • balance beams and toys
  • footballs and sports equipment
  • role play equipment
  • spinning tops