The Hall

We are very fortunate to be able to have this bright and large indoor space. We have a wide range of resources to help promote the children’s physical skills. All resources are planned for from the interests of the children and focus planned

Children spend time in the Hall as part of each session.

Each day there are different activities to encourage our children to run, jump, climb, pedal, slide and balance.

Time spent in the hall gives our children the opportunities they need to develop their co-ordination, strength and stamina.

These areas of development underpin lots of other everyday functions.  Children need to develop strength and co-ordination in order to play sport, sit at a table long enough to cut, stick and write, and even to try and stand on one leg while putting on a sock!

Lots of our equipment, like our cars and petrol station, also encourage role play and the development of social skills and team work.