“My youngest son started at Tilehouse Street last September. We had never been apart and he found the separation difficult. The staff have been so amazing at making him feel safe and happy. It is a very nurturing environment where the children are genuinely cared for. I have seen so many positive changes since he started here and he is becoming more confident all the time and has learnt so much. I love how the staff will cuddle him if he’s sad and quickly find ways to distract him. He is involved in so many new fun and exciting things each day and he always has a great time. The regular updates that are sent home are really lovely because you get to know more detail about what the children have been up to and they send lots of photos and I can see that my son is having a really great time. It is really hard to trust someone else to look after your children who are so precious but I have been so impressed with everyone and how they have cared for my son. I highly recommend Tilehouse Street to anyone looking for a pre-school or nursery for their children.”